Food & Drinks


We offer a compact, dynamic menu offering interesting and unique menu items with focus on local seasonal produce.
We complement some dishes by use of our amazing beers where appropriate in menu items such as making marinates for meats and reductions for sauces.
Our kitchen is committed to providing a menu with a particular focus towards high quality and value for our valued customers.
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We are beer wizards. We are all about beer and brewing. That is why we proudly showcase our shiny stainless-steel tanks behind the bar.

That said, we are not selfish, or one trick ponies. If you are not a beer geek, that’s cool, we have got your back. We offer a selection of handpicked wines & spirits supported by Blasta inspired cocktails and boilermakers.

We also love whisky, and you can find a great list at our venue to pair up with our beers.

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