Blue & Yella + Marshmallow Fella

Type: Dessert Fruited Pastry Sour
ABV: 2.6%.
Brewed for GABS 2022. This sour beerie creation is a true dessert providing a delicious and interesting lower ABV dessert style sour beer incorporating large amounts of fresh blueberry & lemon purée.
Additions of milk sugar, graham cracker biscuit, cream cheese and marshmallows provide a depth of flavour and true to the style flavours of a blueberry, lemon Marshmallow cheesecake.



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4 Pack, Carton

84 – 88 Goodwood Pde., Burswood WA 6100

08 6102 4130


Liquor licence number- 602210300217

Licensee – The Blasta Group Pty Ltd

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