King Rampant

Type: King Quad Fruited Sour Ale
ABV: 6.1%.

Brewed for our 3rd birthday, King Rampant gets its name from the mountain of raspberries packed into it. The aroma, flavour and colour submerge you in a flourishing sensory overload of Rampant red, fresh, juicy & tangy Raspberries.

King Rampant takes all the delicious attributes of our Rampant Raspberry where we then amplified the flavours and aromas with a generous boost of freshly picked Raspberries, berry rich hibiscus & juicy Passionfruit which delivers a tart, sour, effervescent finish.

This is by far the tastiest sour we have ever made, and that’s some feat considering the deliciousness of our Rampant Raspberry


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4 Pack, Carton